The backup2cloud monitoring and alert system is designed to provide full summary details for the current status of all configured backups as well as individual alerts for various warnings and errors. 
These details can be found by accessing the backup2cloud Dashboard's monitoring page.
Email alerts for this information can be found in the Monitoring Settings section of the Monitoring page.

How do I access the Monitoring system?
Login to your backup2cloud Dashboard ( and select the Monitoring menu item.
This will load a real-time monitoring page for all configured backups.
To access alert settings and conditions, select the Monitoring Settings button at the top of the Monitoring page, or mouse-over the Settings Menu and select 'Monitoring Settings.'
What filters are available for the monitoring page?
Depending on your account type, you will be able to filter by account type: 
  • Distributor
    • Reseller 
      • Company 

Indicator filters:
  • Any Indicator
  • Errors (red octagon)
  • Warnings (yellow triangle)
  • OK (green check mark)

Status filters:
  • Any
  • Canceled
  • Completed
  • Failed
  • Uploading
  • Info
  • Configured

Account username:
Enter a complete or partial username to further filter the list of shown events.

System name filters:
Enter a complete or full system name to further filter the list of shown events.

Backup type filters:
  • Any
  • Smart File Scanner
  • Adv Folder Backup
  • Baremetal Backup
  • VMware
  • MS Exchange
  • MS SQL
  • General Notification

What events cause warning or errors Indicators?
  • Errors (red octagon)
    • Backed failed to complete 
    • Connection was lost to the machine during a backup and could not reconnect (>1hr) 
    • Backup has not run in more than 7 days 
    • Account quota has reached 100% 
  • Warnings (yellow triangle)
    • Backup completed with errors 
    • Connection has been lost to a machine during a backup for(>30 minutes) 
    • Backup is within 95-99% of account usage, upgrade recommended 
    • Backup has not run in more than 3 days 

How can I configure email alerts for Warnings and Errors only?
Select the 'Monitoring Settings' button on the Monitoring Page.
You'll be given options to configure the following email alerts:
  • Subscribe to daily monitoring digest email reports
    This sends a current status report for ALL configured backups. 
  • Send errors and warnings alerts to this address
    sends individual emails for each warning and error event. 
    • these can be filtered with various options to include only certain error/warning events. 
    • For IT Departments and MSPs, we recommend that this is configured to send alerts to your PSA or support ticketing system to simplify the workflow for supporting your systems and customers. 
  • Outbound API URL Address
    • This is a more advanced option in which all monitoring data will be posted to the specified URL. 
    • This is helpful for more specific integration into support ticketing systems as it allows admins to further customize workflow rules for whatever system they are running. 
  • Subscribe to daily account details email report
    This report provides more than current status, but provides overall detail about all Backup accounts 
    • last backup date 
    • total data backed up 
    • Quota 
    • Last backup date 
    • Total number of devices 
    • email address associated with the account 
    • Company to which this account belongs (When applicable)