The Cloud Backup Monitoring system is integrated with the Connectwise support ticketing system.

What does it do?

By enabling the Connectwise integration within the Cloud Backup Dashboard, Cloud Backup monitoring events will automatically propagate to the Connectwise ticketing system so support personnel can monitor Cloud Backup Backup behavior across all machines directly from within Connectwise.

What information is sent to ConnectWise?

The ConnectWise system will receive an error and warning monitoring events as well as "anomaly detection" events from Cloud Backup in a way that allows ConnectWise Administrators to create various workflows based on the parameters the messages from Cloud Backup contain. The integration can be customized to send chosen Event Types and Backup Types
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How do I enable the ConnectWise Integration?

In order to Access Connectwise Integration, process following:

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  • At the "ConnectWise Service Tickets" section, click "Edit" button

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  • and the following configuration window will appear (the explanations on what information to enter into each field is provided below):

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Here is how to collect this information.

Site: Upon signing up with ConnectWise, this will be delivered in the welcome email.

Company: Provided by Connectwise, this is used to sign in to the application.

Integrator Username and Integrator Password:
1. Login to the ConnectWise windows application
2. Go to menu "System" > "Setup Tables"
3. Search for "Integrator Login" table in the "Table" Column > open it > Click to create new login:
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4. Use the existing Integrator Login or create a new one: Enter username and password

Note: Make sure that the following settings are enabled for the integrator

  • Access Level is set to All Records

Following API(s) are enabled:

  1. Service Ticket API
  2. Company API+
  3. Member API
  4. System API

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Connectwise Impersonating Member ID

It is the login of an API Member in ConnectWise:
In the ConnectWise PC client, navigate to System > Members > API Members Tab
Use Active API Member or create a new one by clicking on "+" icon:
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Make sure that "Owner ID" corresponds to the Company and Business Unit = Admin:
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The breakdown of the input fields into the main form:

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Tickets Agreement Matching Condition

By default it is empty and may be left empty. In this case, the "Agreement" field in the ConnectWise ticket will not be filled in:

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This is the global default which can be overridden when adding the Companies (ConnectWise clients;explained below).

The general rules for the matching conditions are following:

  • if one Agreement corresponds to the matching condition, the "Agreement" field is filled in with the found Agreement;
  • if several Agreements correspond to the matching condition, the first found is filled in;
  • if no Agreements found that correspond to the matching condition, Dashboard will throw an error in the "Last Update Status" column;

 It is possible to use "Agreement Name" and "Agreement Type" in the matching conditions:
      The syntax of matching conditions:
       - for "Agreement Name":
            name = "Business Continuity ICB" 
            name like "%ICB" 
        - for "Agreement Type":
            type/name = "Business Continuity"  
            type/name like "%Сontinuity"   
        Acceptable operators: =, !=, <, <=, >, >=, contains, like, in, not
How to configure mapping between Dashboard Companies and ConnecWise Companies so each Company will receive its own events

  • left-click on a "ConnecWise id" cell at the table row for a chosen Backup Company

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  • and  fill in the "ConnectWise Id" field with the "Company ID" from ConnecWise application:

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  • choose which "Backup Types", "Event Types" and "Agreement Matching Conditions" should be sent to each Company. If "Default" is value is chosen, the settings will be taken from the main configuration window

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       for each "Company" the default settings can be overridden via left-click on the table cell:

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Rules of updating the ticket

  • The Monitoring events in Dashboard and ConnectWise tickets are synchronized so if a Monitoring event is changed in Dashboard, it is changed in ConnectWise. There are no records (tickets) in ConnectWise for the events that have already been removed from Dashboard;
  • Further events are added to Notes->discussion (FileLevel ErrorDetails, BackupAnomalyDetails):

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  • tickets are not closed if the Backup Anomaly happens.
  • tickets are closed when the backup job status is changed to "Completed" in Monitoring or Reporting sections of Dashboard:

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