How can one mute, or suppress, monitoring events?

From the Infrascale Dashboard, users (admins or users) can opt to mute a particular device by using the mute/unmute action in the Monitoring page.

What does mute do?

Muting a device will suppress all event types for a particular device.

This means that you will no longer:

  1. See new events for this device in the Monitoring page.
  2. Receive email-based reports of new events for this device.
  3. The Connectwise Integration will not register new events for muted devices.
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  4. Using the Outbound API URL in the Monitoring Settings will not send new events for this device.
  5. The Monitoring API will no longer send events for this particular device.

When is muting a device helpful?

If you are monitoring many devices, it's important to have the ability to filter the events that do and do not make it to your and/or your support team.

Muting a device may be helpful when:

  1. A device will be known to be inactive for an extended period of time (employee vacation or leave).
  2. If a particular device is not part of the service plan.
    1. For example, we may not want to see events for personal laptops and only focus on support for Servers and particular VIP devices.
  3. If a device has been retired/replaced but Deactivate Device is not a desired option.

Where can I mute devices?

In the Cloud Backup Dashboard, navigate to the Monitoring page.

On this page, we can see a 'mute' column with a check box that indicates whether or not a device is muted or not.

In the actions menu item, a user can choose to 'mute' or 'unmute' a device.

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