Baremetal Backup with the Infrascale Data Protection Cloud

The Infrascale Data Protection Cloud (DPC) consists of the following tools:

  1. Online Backup & Recovery Manager (OBRM)
    1. Allows for direct backup to the Infrascale Cloud for files, Exchange and SQL databases.
  2. Baremetal Backup
    1. In a partnership with StorageCraft, baremetal backup capabities are provided via Shadow Protect, a backup tool that allows users to schedule baremetal backup jobs for multiple or individual system volumes to on network storage devices (USB, eSATA, NAS).
    2. For more information and help articles in using Shadow Protect, please visit Storage Craft's knowledge base.

Recommended Baremetal Backup Deployment

ShadowProtect is an agent-based baremetal backup tool that allows users to schedule backups allowing for a full system or volume recovery in a short amount of time.

Infrascale recommends that this is used to protect critical systems to an on a network location and then use the OBRM to upload those baremetal files to the Infrascale Cloud for further coverage in the event of a disaster.

Shadow Protect integrates directly with Oracle Virtualbox to allow for a one-click boot recovery into a Virtual Machine. This is terrific for test recoveries and emergency recovery, but not ideal for long-term production.

Shadow Protect also features a 1-click virtual volume recovery to an existing machine.

To recover an entire machine, use a bootdisk and select the SP backup volumes you'd like to recover.

Infrascale provides Server licenses of the Shadow Protect v5 agent that can be attained by talking to your account management team.


You will need:

  1. A valid baremetal license.
  2. Access to the Windows machine upon which you'd like to run baremetal backups
  3. Ability to reboot the machine after install.
  4. A valid storage target for the backups (recommended as a separate storage option from the machine you are protecting).

1. Assign a Baremetal License to your Infrascale Backup Account

First, login to the Infrascale Dashboard and mouse-over the 'Manage' menu, then select 'View & Manage Licenses'.

Select "Assign Licenses" and you'll be presented with a window that will ask to specify the backup account and the license type to be added to said backup account.

Once assigned, the table will refresh and your 16-character license will be available.

2. Install Shadow Protect v5

Shadow Protect v5 supports Win 2003 - Win 2012 servers.

From the Dashboard home page, scroll to the downloads section at the bottom and download the .ZIP of the Shadow Protect v5 agent.

Open the .ZIP and run the .EXE. Follow the wizard and reboot your machine.

3. Configure the Baremetal Backup Job

  1. Run Shadow Protect.
  2. Select the Wizard tab and select 'Setup a Backup'
  3. Select the volume(s) you'd like to protect.
  4. Configure a schedule.
    1. We recommend using a continuous incremental schedule in conjunction with a consolidation schedule set by the free Image Manager software.
    2. The time between backups should be decided by considering the resources needed to run each incremental (as to avoid user interruption) as well as the acceptable data loss that can be handled in the event of a disaster.
      1. More frequent backups mean less exposure to loss but potentially bad for user productivity.
  5. On the next screen, there will be options to:
    1. Change the compression ratio
    2. Encrypt the backups with a personal key
    3. Split the backup jobs into smaller chunks for easier management
    4. Name the backup job
  6. Select next, and you'll be presented with a summary screen to review before saving the backup job (with an option to run now).