This article describes some important requirements before moving a DS-System database from one Windows computer to another. Situations when you need to move the DS-System database from one computer to another include: if you want to have a remote database for performance reasons, or if you want to create a remote database when upgrading from a standalone DS-System to a N+1 DS-System, etc.

To migrate a DS-System database from one computer to another.
1. Stop the DS-System service.
2. Dump/backup the dssystem database to a dump file.
3. On the new SQL Server computer, create a new dssystem database.
4. Restore the dump file to the new SQL Server computer.
5. Change the DS-System configuration to point to the new SQL Server instance:
    o Edit the DS-System's configuration file (dssys.cfg), which can be found in the DS-System installation directory.
    o Change the value of Database Host and Database Instance to match the new values.
6. Make sure the DS-System service account has the required permissions for the new SQL Server instance.
7. Start the DS-System service.

Important notes 
    o Ensure you retain the original database until the migration process is completed, just in case something goes wrong during the migration process.
    o Once you switch the databases and start running the DS-System with the new database you cannot return back to the old one.
    o In a N+1 environment, make sure that all the nodes are using the same (new) database instance before starting them up. It is recommended that you stop the old database instance so that mis-configured nodes do not start up.