** This will Re-Initialize the Appliance **


There may some instances when a customer wants to re-run provisioning because they may have selected the wrong mode or they didn't set the correct amount of Archive Drives. With a support tunnel we can put the FORMAT application to set provisioning when the appliance reboots. This is recommended if the customer has no data on the appliance.


From putty you can do the following. 

  • sudo su -
  • mount /flash -o remount,rw
  • touch /flash/FORMAT
  • reboot

The appliance is now ready to enter provisioning mode when it boots up. 

In case if there was a replication configured and you need to restore it you need to work with proman:

On Premise tab search for primary's uuid.

Click edit and remove the peer UUID

Log into primary go to replication > Mode/options and set to cloud

Please note that during the process, which may take a very long time, the webGUI will be unavailable and backups will not run. Also inform customer do not reboot appliance unit during the whole process.