To check the VSS threshold settings, proceed as follows.

  1. Open My Computer.

  1. Right-click on any of the listed Hard Disk Drives and, from the drop down menu options, click on Configure Shadow Copies.

  1. If a window appears, asking you to allow changes, then click Yes.

The Shadow Copies page opens.

The Shadow Copies page lists all drives, or Volumes, on the server.

  1. From the list, ensure that any drives you are backing up have Next Run Time set to Disabled. (If not, then select the drive and click the Disable button).
  2. Select the first drive in the list, and click the Settings button.

The Settings page, for the selected drive, opens.

From here, you can see the current VSS threshold setting for this drive. In the example above the VSS threshold is 10239MB. Note that this limit applies only if the Use limit radio button is selected.

A common cause of VSS-related issues is the Maximum size set to No limit. If No limit is selected, then VSS will continue to use more and more of the available drive space until all drive space is used up, at which point applications start to fail due to insufficient drive space.