In order to back up a network drive, please follow these steps.

1. Log in to the software
2. Select the Wrench icon on the File and Folder backup section
3. Choose Do Not Scan when asked if you with to use the automatic scanner
4. From here, you will see a full File/Folder tree of your computer, select the option labeled "Add Network Connection"
5. Add the Server and share of the NAS in the format of \\server\share and enter the credentials needed to access the NAS6.

 From here, the Next button may grey out for a period of time. This is because Online Backup and Recovery Manager is accessing the NAS and creating a local database for the files chosen. It is also calculating the amount of space required to back up the files. Once the software is done with this, the next button will light up and you will be able to proceed.


*** We recommend using the IP address when filling out the address for the Network Share. this will prevent any conflicts if there are any locally mapped drives to the same source.