From the Infrascale Dashboard, administrators are able to monitor and manage their backups at a device level.


How do I get to the Devices page?


Login to the Infrascale Dashboard, mouse-over the 'Manage' menu item and select 'Devices'.


What can I do once I get there?

  • Mass Actions   
    • Run backups for ALL or selected devices
    • Upgrade the Online Backup & Recovery (OBRM) software for ALL or selected devices
  • Device-specific Actions   
    • Run a Backup
    • Upgrade the to the latest version of the Windows OBRM
    • Configure Backup Jobs     
      • Change/Add a File/Folder Policy 
      • Configure Advanced Folder Backups
      • Configure Baremetal Backups (requires a baremetal license and Shadow Protect to be installed).
    • Wipe Device     
      • Wipe Data - removes all data from the machine that has been selected for backup to the Infrascale Cloud
      • Wipe Device - renders the drive unbootable and removes all data
  • Navigate to the Account Summary Page   
    • click the account username in the Account column
  • See current connection status
  • See total data backed up to the Cloud from this device
  • See Location
  • See the Operating System
  • See the last backup date
  • See the OBRM installation date