A Secure Infrascale Support Tunnel is an encrypted connection established from your Infrascale  Backup Appliance to a server hosted by Infrascale, which allows Infrascale technical staff to remotely  diagnose conditions on your appliance.  

  1.   Firewalls must be configured to allow outbound TCP port 122, at least from the appliance's IP  address.
  2.  No other special firewall rules, including rules to allow inbound traffic, are required.
  3.  Infrascale technical staff must reserve and assign a port number for use by the tunnel.  
    • (This number is typically in the range 1-­99 and is added to 10,000 for the actual port used.)  
    • Infrascale may disconnect tunnels created without reservation.  


  1. Ensure that the Server > Diagnostics > Remote Secure Shell Access (SSH) section shows a  button with [Stop Sshd]. 
    • If [Start Sshd] is shown, click that and wait for it to show [Stop Sshd].  
    • You can leave it running at all times.  
    • This will allow for access via SSH client on your LAN if necessary, and over the tunnel only  while the tunnel is connected.

How to Connect a Support Tunnel

  1. Access the Infrascale Admin Console (the web user interface) with your browser  at http://appliance/  
  2. Browse to System > Diagnostics 
  3. Enter the assigned tunnel number into the Secure Infrascale Support Tunnel text  box.  
  4. Press [Start Remote Tunnel]  
  5. If everything is OK on the appliance side, the following should show: 
    • Currently running on port: 100XX. (Where XX is the tunnel number)  
    • [Stop Remote Tunnel] button
  6. Notify us that the tunnel appears established and then we can  confirm that we see it. 
    •  If Infrascale cannot see the tunnel, we may ask that you take any of  the steps in Troubleshooting, below, to resolve the problem. 
  7. Using the Diagnostics Page 
  8.  If the Infrascale Admin Console is not loading, try these simple steps:  
    •  Shift­Click Refresh or Shift­F5 to reload the Infrascale Admin Console  page  
    • If this successfully loads the web user interface, try The Easy Way above 
    • If the user interface is grayed out, nothing responds to clicks, and it appears to  “stall” loading: 
    •  Attempt to access the diagnostics page directory with the URL:
    •  http://appliance/diagnostics.do  
    • If the page successfully loads, resume with The Easy Way, above. 
    • If the user interface is inaccessible with browser messages such as:  
    • The web page could not be loaded 
    • The web server is inaccessible   ... Contact us for next steps.