Helpful info about how we report service interruptions

We work hard to keep service interruptions to a minimum and have a record of averaging 99.99% uptime across our core platforms.

But like anyone, we occasionally have interruptions in service. Typically it’s just a small window of scheduled maintenance, which we try to do during non-working hours. If we do have an unplanned outage, we aim to keep your data safe and secure and get things back up and running as soon as possible.

In either event, we want to communicate with clarity and transparency so you’re never left in the dark if things aren’t running as expected. We want you to know where to find this information and how to subscribe to updates so you can be among the first to know.

We post updates to our status page here: Here you can see if we have an ongoing incident and details on uptime and past incidents. You can also proactively subscribe to get incident updates sent to you directly when we post them. We recommend you do this now so you don’t have to remember to visit that URL if you think there’s an incident, you’ll get the notice the minute we post it. Another note: we use a third-party provider for our status page. Even if we have a major outage across our systems, we’ll be able to communicate and send updates through this page.

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